June 25, 2024

US Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment Market Size, Share, Report By 2033

The US ultraviolet disinfection equipment market size was valued at USD 1.18 billion in 2023 and is expected to hit USD 3.28 billion by 2033 with a CAGR of 10.79% from 2024 to 2033.

Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment Market Size in the US 2024 to 2033

Key Points

  • By component type, the UV lamps segment dominated the market in 2023.
  • By application, the water & and wastewater treatment segment dominated the market in 2023.
  • By application, the health facilities segment is observed to witness a significant rate of growth during the forecast period.
  • By end use, the municipal segment dominated the U.S. ultraviolet disinfection equipment market in 2023.

The US ultraviolet (UV) disinfection equipment market has experienced significant growth in recent years due to the increasing awareness about the importance of water and air sanitation, particularly in light of health concerns such as the COVID-19 pandemic. UV disinfection equipment utilizes ultraviolet light to inactivate harmful microorganisms, making it a highly effective method for sterilizing water, air, and surfaces. The market encompasses various industries including healthcare, water treatment, food and beverage, and municipal wastewater treatment.

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Growth Factors

Several factors are driving the growth of the US UV disinfection equipment market. One key factor is the rising demand for clean water and air across various sectors. The healthcare industry, in particular, has witnessed a surge in the adoption of UV disinfection equipment in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories to prevent the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Additionally, stringent regulations imposed by government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding water and air quality have fueled the adoption of UV disinfection technologies.

US Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment Market Scope

Report Coverage Details
Growth Rate from 2024 to 2033 CAGR of 10.79%
U.S. Market Size in 2023 USD 1.18 Billion
U.S. Market Size by 2033 USD 3.28 Billion
Base Year 2023
Forecast Period 2024 to 2033
Segments Covered By Component Type, By Application, and By End User

US Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment Market Dynamics


Several drivers are propelling the growth of the US UV disinfection equipment market. The increasing prevalence of waterborne diseases and infections has heightened the need for effective disinfection solutions. UV technology offers a chemical-free and environmentally friendly method of disinfection, making it a preferred choice for many industries. Furthermore, advancements in UV lamp technology, such as the development of low-pressure and medium-pressure lamps, have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of UV disinfection systems, driving their adoption across various applications.


The US UV disinfection equipment market is ripe with opportunities for growth and innovation. One significant opportunity lies in the expansion of applications beyond traditional sectors such as healthcare and water treatment. The food and beverage industry, for example, presents a promising opportunity for UV disinfection equipment manufacturers, particularly in the sterilization of packaging materials and food processing surfaces. Additionally, the growing trend towards sustainable and energy-efficient solutions provides an opportunity for companies to develop eco-friendly UV disinfection systems with reduced energy consumption and environmental impact.


Despite its numerous advantages, the US UV disinfection equipment market faces certain restraints that may hinder its growth. One such restraint is the high initial investment required for implementing UV disinfection systems, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Additionally, concerns regarding the effectiveness of UV disinfection against certain pathogens, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, pose a challenge for widespread adoption. Moreover, inadequate maintenance and improper installation of UV systems can compromise their performance, limiting their effectiveness in disinfection.

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Recent Developments

  • In January 2022, the Leading provider of mission-critical water treatment solutions, Evoqua Water Technologies, announced the completion of the previously disclosed acquisition of the renal division formerly run by STERIS Plc subsidiaries Mar Cor Purification and Cantel Medical.

Competitive Landscape:

The US UV disinfection equipment market is characterized by intense competition among key players vying for market share. Companies such as Xylem Inc., Trojan Technologies, Halma plc, and Atlantium Technologies Ltd. are prominent players in the market, offering a wide range of UV disinfection solutions for various applications. These companies focus on product innovation, strategic partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions to strengthen their market position and gain a competitive edge. Additionally, the market is witnessing the emergence of new entrants and startups specializing in UV technology, further intensifying competition and driving innovation in the market. Overall, the competitive landscape of the US UV disinfection equipment market is dynamic and evolving, with companies constantly striving to meet the growing demand for effective disinfection solutions across industries.

US Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment Market Companies

  • Xylem Inc.
  • Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation
  • Evoqua Water Technologies LLC
  • Trojan Technologies
  • Halma PLC
  • Kuraray Co., LTD
  • Advanced UV, Inc.
  • American Ultraviolet
  • Atlantium Technologies LTD.
  • Hoenle AG
  • Lumalier Corporation
  • Xenex
  • ITT Wedeco
  • Trojan Technologies
  • Siemens Water Technologies

Segments Covered in the Report

By Component Type

  • UV Lamps
    • Mercury
      • Low-pressure
      • Medium-pressure
      • Amalgam
    • Xenon/LED
  • Ballasts/Controller Units
  • Quartz Sleeves
  • Reactor Chambers
  • Others

By Application

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Air treatment
  • Health facilities
  • Residential and Commercial Buildings
  • Bio-Terror agents
  • Others

By End-use

  • Municipal
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

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